1. The Liturgy of the 7th Sunday in Ordinary time calls us to aspire for Holiness by doing our daily duties with great responsibility and love.

2. Sunday school has their classes regularly on Sundays. The last day is on 01st March 2020. Requesting all children to attend.

3. Lenten Programme is being finalized. As usual we have the Passion Week Liturgies celebrated on the NMMC Ground from Maundy Thursday to Easter Vigil. We request you to cooperate with your PPC Members /Animators. We are also beginning to collect your contribution towards the expenses incurred for the Lenten Program. Please be generous. Flyers for Program are available please make sure you have a copy.

4. Parish Magazine is to be out for Easter. Editorial Team will approach you for articles and advertisements. Please cooperate and assist in whatever way you can.

5. The Church Celebrates the following feasts this week: 25th Blessed Rani Maria 26th February is ASH WEDNESDAY. It is a day of Fast and Abstinence. The masses are as follows. 7.00 am, 6 & 7 pm. Ashes will be blest at the 7 am mass.

6. Way of the cross will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays in the church at 6.30 pm. On Fridays it is in English and on Wednesdays in the 5 vernacular languages.

7. Ash Wednesday Liturgy at 7 am mass is animated by the Eucharistic Ministers cell. Next Sunday Liturgy is animated by Sunday School. We thank St. Peter Community for animating todays liturgy.

8. Kindly pay your Church Community fund before the 31st of March 2020.

9. Bibles are available in the office. Make sure you have a user friendly bible.

10. We thank our donors and well wishers.

Fr. Mario D'Souza msfs
Parish Priest