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The Lord delights in every little step you take.
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Vision: Becoming a Praying, Nurturing, Empowering and Participatory Community that reaches out to all. Mission: A family that practices many acts of kindness and gentle charity with the fellowship of Christ.


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the website of St. Francis De Sales Church. Whether you are a new-comer to our area in search of a parish home, a member of the parish family or your life of faith has drawn you to seek this information we are thankful for your interest in our parish. It is our conviction that God has a plan for you to become involved in the worship and ministries of the church.
Our parish has been in existence since 1996 and is located in Koparkhairane, has served and continues to embrace the diverse generations of Catholics.
In prayer, worship and service, we gather in His Name, relying on His promise to be in our midst. Founded firmly in the faith and truth of the Catholic Church, we are proud of the legacy of our ancestors and are hopeful for our future. Without the grace of God there is no other purpose for our existence.
This website gives detailed information about our Parish, including Mass timings and guideline for receiving Sacrements. It also gives details of parish functioning, the office timings and parish activities that are planned in the near future.
We invite you to review our website in its infancy and encourage you to contact us if you have questions about our parish or its ministries. If you are a parish member, there is a wealth of information for you to use and to offer your many talents in service to your parish. May God be with you and those you love as you live your journey of faith!

Upcoming Events

1. 07th & 08th December: Carrom & Ludo Competition.

2. 12th January 2020: Football Tournament.

3. 25th January 2020: Parish Feast of St. Francis De Sales- Confirmation Celebrant: Cardinal Oswald Gracias.

4. 30th November: Blessings of the Community Wreath at 7:00pm mass.

5. 15th December: Christmas Party for the Slum Kids.

6. 25th November: SFS Health Boutique is open from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Green Tip of the Week

“Be sure to fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.”
1 Samuel 12:24

Pope's Message

"Church’s strength is not its social relevance but its humble and gratuitous love."


Bishop's Message



Priest's Message

"Practice of the primary “Little Virtues”. "



Plot No. 19-B/2,
Navi Mumbai,
400 709.

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Liturgy Schedule


7:00am, 7:00pm(English)


7:00am, 8:30am(English)
Children's Mass(except
1st Sunday of the month)
Youth Mass(only 2nd
Sunday of the month)

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