Parish Priest's Message


Different people perceive Lent in different ways. Some see it as a time of giving away, giving up, mortification, sacrifice and a time of penance and repentance. Yet others see it as a time of receiving (grace) and a graceful living of our Christian life.
In fact lent is a spring season of our faith and it is the most joyful and fruitful season of our spiritual journey as it takes us to the summit of the mountain of Easter, where our values of faith, hope and love as Christians becomes a reality in our personal lives in the very resurrection of Jesus.

A Our Theme for this Lenten Season Rend Your Hearts Not Your Garments (Joel2:13) offers us an opportunity to look into the attics of ones own very self and clear the clutter to prepare ourselves for the celebration of the greatest feast of our faith. It helps us to clear the temporary path of daily life by Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. Let us stay open to the grace of God and the opportunities that the church and our daily life provides us to be better Individuals in our everyday life as St. Francis de Sales would ask us Be what you are and be that at its best person is not only disposed to do good, but does it at his best. The primary ‘little virtues’ highlighted by St. Francis de sales are Gentleness, Patience, Honesty, Humility and Simplicity. The practice of little virtues can pose a great challenge and appear the most worthwhile in the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life . We can become our own master by the practice of the little virtues.

Fr. Mario D'Souza.