Parish Priest's Message

Practice of the primary “Little Virtues”.

St. Francis de Sales the Patron of our parish talks about Little Virtues which are often considered ‘ordinary’ by a large majority of people. However the little virtues have a tremendous power. The practice of the little or ordinary virtues with extraordinary devotion will lead not only on the greater virtues but even enhance the practice of all other virtues. While the practice of spectacular virtues may make one popular, the practice of the little ones will make the person humble and more amiable. The occasions to practice the little virtues are numerous in our daily life whereas the heroic one occur but rarely.

A virtuous person is not only disposed to do good, but does it at his best. The primary ‘little virtues’ highlighted by St. Francis de sales are Gentleness, Patience, Honesty, Humility and Simplicity. The practice of little virtues can pose a great challenge and appear the most worthwhile in the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life . We can become our own master by the practice of the little virtues.

Fr. Mario D'Souza.